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What's different about BladeRunner Punks


"Think CryptoPunks but with a fresh new look, more of what you loved, less of what you didn't, and exciting new rarities added"


Inspired by the greatest and original punk NFT collection that started it all - Cryptopunks - we set out to build a whole new punk collection from the ground up, using modified 'DNA' of the OG phenomenon, but with many subtle tweaks that would add further to the appeal of the features and diversity of the punks themselves.

First we redesigned the punks to face toward you for eye-to-eye contact. Then by creating thousands of never-seen-before combinations of familiar-type punk traits, together with the introduction of a new race - the Androids - bringing their own set of new traits into the mix, and a new top level rarity - the Replicants (even more rare than Aliens!) - our Genesis BladeRunner Punk collection (the Brunks) took punk NFT collecting to a different level. 

In a 'retrofitted' vision of future earth, the punk human population has been transformed by genetic manipulation, and visitations by aliens are frequent. New species have been engineered including Zombies, humanoid Apes and genetically bioengineered Androids and Replicants.


The Androids are powerful allies of the human punks. They are easily recognizable with their grey skin and blue eyes and individual style but the Replicants, which are 'rogue' versions, are visually almost completely indistinguishable from human punks. Originally manufactured by the Tyrell Corporation to work on off-world colonies, those that escaped and return to Earth are hunted down and "retired" by special police operatives known as "blade runners". 

The Synthetics look exactly like humans from the front, but very different on their backs. They are biomechanically engineered drones and have no more physical or mental powers than humans. 

There are only EIGHT Replicants in this collection - they are the ultimate rarity and will command an even higher value than the 9 Aliens. They are almost indistinguishable from human punks, apart from the blue colour in the pupils of their eyes, or by minor details on the back of their neck.

Read the full story of the world of BladeRunner Punks ("Brunks") on our LORE page.

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