FAQ - Brunks

When did BladeRunner Punks ("Brunks") Launch?

We launched the minting at 7pm UTC on Sunday 19 December 2021.


When did the minting finish?

After the final 7500 were minted within 2hrs, minting finished on Sunday 26 December 2021.


What was the minting price?

0 ETH. Yes, the minting was free, all you had to do was pay the gas!


Why did you choose to do a free mint?

The community came to us and asked for the minting to be free, we gave them the opportunity to meet a certain number of retweets on a tweet we put up, they met the requirement so we made the decision to make the entire minting process free.


What are BladeRunner Punks?

Think CryptoPunks but with a fresh new look and exciting new rarities! Inspired by original punk NFT collection, we set out to build a whole new punk collection from the neck up, using modified DNA of the OG phenomenon, but with many subtle tweaks that would add further to the appeal of the features and diversity of the punks themselves. Firstly we redesigned the punks to face towards you for maximum eye-to-eye contact. Then by creating thousands of never-seen-before combinations of familiar-type punk traits, together with the introduction of a new race, the Androids, bringing their own set of new traits into the mix. We also introduced The Replicants, the top level rarity, more rare than Aliens! BladeRunner Punks (known by their holders as "BRUNKS") take NFT collecting to the next level!


Okay, I want one! Where can I purchase them?

BladeRunner Punks are available on our official OpenSea marketplace at https://opensea.io/collection/bladerunner-punks

Is there a list of Brunks traits in order of rarity?

You'll find that HERE.


What copyright rights do I have while I own a BladeRunner Punk?

BladeRunner Punks are covered by CC0 copyright ownership, yes that means you have access to do whatever you like with your NFT! You want to put it on a mug? Go away! I can guarantee that would be one brunky coffee! If you would like to learn more about CC0 ownership, click this link https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/


I want to learn more about the team behind this project!

Go to the 💪 TEAM page to learn more about us!


Where's the roadmap?

We're launching our ⚡ROADMAP very soon, within the next few days. We hesitate to use the term 'roadmap' because of how diluted the concept has become among NFTs. We're thinking far more like a brand, and like a tech startup, than a run-of-the-mill NFT project. Some of what we'll build hasn't been done before. And it'll be crafted with and for the Brunk community. We're VERY excited about sharing it with you, soon!


Give me the lore behind these incredible punks!

You can learn about the lore behind the BladeRunner Punks in 📜 HERE


What's the future for BladeRunner Punks?

See our ⚡roadmap !


What are the links I should use for the Brunks?

Please only use these official links:

   Twitter: https://twitter.com/BladeRunnerPunk

   Discord: https://discord.gg/bladerunnerpunks

   Opensea marketplace: https://opensea.io/collection/bladerunner-punks


I need help with something BladeRunner Punks related, where can I go?

Please join us in our Discord server and visit the Support channel, and a team member will help you as soon as they can.

I have questions about the new collection "Brunk Backs" - where can I find answers?

See our separate Brunk Backs FAQ page HERE


Does this project have any association with Larva Labs, or Blade Runner the movie (or Alcon Entertainment)?

None whatsoever

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