FAQ - Brunk Backs

What are Brunk Backs?

BladeRunner Punks ('Brunks') is the first NFT project to flip itself! Meaning, we've launched a brand new collection of Brunks that are flipped around 180 degrees - the BRUNK BACKS! We designed the original punks to face towards you for maximum eye-to-eye contact, but for this new collection they are facing directly away from you. That's right, you'll find out what mysteries lie around the back, as you look right at the backs of their heads. And there's more going on there than you might expect! Once again BladeRunner Punks take NFT collecting to another new level.

When did the mint start?

Phase 1: BladeRunner Punks holders minting started 10pm GMT 19 March
Phase 2: Whitelist minting commenced at 10pm GMT 22 March
Phase 3: Public sale started at 10pm GMT 23 March

How much does it cost to mint a Brunk Back NFT?

Mint Price:
   Holders: 0.01 ETH
   Whitelist: 0.015 ETH
   Public: 0.02 ETH

Where can I mint the Brunk Backs?
Minting is happening on the same dedicated mint website where we minted the original BladeRunner Punks collection ( bladerunner-punks-mint.live )

Will I be minting my exact back to my front?
No. The OG collection was created through a random generator that we cannot reverse, this means that the only way we would perfectly line up the Brunk Backs with the OG collection would be to manually assemble each individual back, with each taking a long time by hand, so it just wasn't physically possible within a reasonable time frame.

In saying this, by owning any front and any back means you will have access to the utilities we will offer. It doesn't make sense for us to only offer utility if you get your exact matching Back if we can't give you the opportunity to mint your exact back. There will also be higher tiered utility if you do find your exact matching back but more on this when we can.

How will the minting be organised?
The minting is in 3 phases:

- Phase 1: Holders minting only (for 72hrs)
- Phase 2: Whitelist members minting (for 24hrs)
- Phase 3: Public minting (until we mint the final Brunk Back)

How many can I mint?
We are now in the public mint phase and there is no limit.

Where will the mint money be going?
Mint money is divided into the following categories; Marketing (50%), Development (25%), Team payroll (25%).

Is the minting contract optimised for gas?
Yes, 100% yes!

If I only hold a Brunk Back, will I get the same server benefits as a Brunk (BladeRunner Punk) Holder?
Yes, you will gain access to our holders only alpha room, the future Brunks Poker league and much more!

What about Brunk Back Rarities?
All rarities are available to be viewed here on the website and on the Opensea marketplace during the minting phase. You'll find a list of Brunk Back traits in order of rarity HERE on our website.


What copyright rights do I have while I own a Brunk Back?

Brunk Backs are covered by CC0 copyright ownership, so you have access to do whatever you like with your NFT! To learn more about CC0 ownership, click this link https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/


I want to learn more about the team behind this project!

Go to the 💪 TEAM page to learn more about us!

Give me the lore behind these incredible punks!

You can learn about the lore behind the Brunks 📜 HERE


What's the future for BladeRunner Punks?

See our ⚡roadmap ! [update to roadmap coming very soon]


What are the links I should use for the Brunk Backs?

Please only use these official links:

   Minting website: bladerunner-punks-mint.live

   Twitter: https://twitter.com/BladeRunnerPunk

   Discord: https://discord.gg/bladerunnerpunks

   Opensea marketplace for Brunk Backs collection: https://opensea.io/collection/bladerunner-punks-reverse-dna


I need help with something Brunk Backs related, where can I go?

Please join us in our Discord server and visit the Support channel, and a team member will help you as soon as they can.

I have questions about the original collection BladeRunner Punks ('Brunks') - where can I find answers?

See our separate Brunks FAQ page HERE


Does this project have any association with Larva Labs, or Blade Runner the movie (or Alcon Entertainment)?

None whatsoever

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