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Delving into the lore behind the world of Brunks

In a 'retrofitted' vision of future earth, the punk human population has been transformed by genetic manipulation, and visitations by aliens are frequent but they are so elusive they are the stuff of myth. Legend has it there are only 10 Aliens that visit judging from the limited descriptions of them that have survived in folk lore.


The legend of the Cryptopunks is well known and all human punks on earth are believed to be descended from them. More recently however, completely new species have emerged including Zombies, humanoid Apes and genetically bioengineered Synthetics, Androids and Replicants.


The Androids are powerful allies of the human punks. They are easily recognisable with their grey skin and blue eyes and individual style. They help chase down replicants BUT if they’re caught they can be reprogrammed by the Replicants and turned against the humans.

The Synthetics are bio-mechanically engineered to look exactly like human punks from the front, but their backs look very different. They are no more agile or intelligent than the humans and were created to serve as drones, although rumour has it that some have been modified in various ways by their human friends to make them more distinctive.


The Replicants, which are 'rogue' versions of androids, are visually almost completely indistinguishable from human punks but have superhuman strength, agility and intelligence. Originally manufactured by the Tyrell Corporation to work on off-world colonies, those Replicants that escaped and returned to Earth are hunted down and "retired" by special police operatives known as Blade Runners. There are only EIGHT Replicants left on earth - they are the ultimate rarity, Mythical in fact, and are extremely highly prized - in fact if ever captured they would command an even higher value than the Aliens. The approximate whereabouts of five of the Replicants is known, the remaining three are still out there somewhere. Replicants are almost indistinguishable from human punks apart from the blue colour in the pupils of their eyes, or by minor details on the back of their necks.


The Apes were originally created as more powerful work drones but a virus led to one of them leading a rebellion and they are no longer under the control of the humans - they are immensely strong, legend has it even stronger than Replicants, though less agile except when it comes to climbing (especially buildings) which is one reason why they are very rarely caught.


And the Zombies? The first Zombie was the result of an experiment that went horribly wrong - not only was he a hideous mutant but he had an obsession for creating more zombies by killing humans and resurrecting their corpses. They have no alliances… they will just chomp on anyone they can. Their only goal is to create more Zombies.


The story of the BladeRunner Punks (Brunks) is evolving and YOU are part of that story. Come and join us in our Discord chat and tell us your own vision of BladeRunner Punks!

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