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In late December we minted out our first 10k BladeRunner Punks collection and achieved over 1000 Eth trading volume on Opensea within a few days, with a lot of big names buying in, including NFL players. It was basically a PFP collection heavily inspired by Cryptopunks and to an extent by the Bladerunner movies, but fundamentally it was the appeal of the front-facing look and strong identity that made the project fly.

But that was a free mint - the devs had pretty much zero income from the mint to reinvest in marketing and project development, so our ongoing growth has almost all been organic. 

With the launch of the BladeRunner Punks Reverse DNA ('Brunk Backs') collection on 19 March'22 things will be very different. It's a paid mint (although low priced) with good reason:  no less than 75% of the mint income - that'll be roughly ¼ Million dollars assuming a sell out - is going straight into marketing and project development wallets and we'll be investing this heavily over the coming weeks and months to take our BladeRunner Punks holders and community to a whole new level. Our holders will always have considerable privileges compared to public - whitelisting, lower pricing, etc. 

We're planning for a third collection in the summer/fall which is slated to be 3 dimensional art (at least partially animated) and metaverse-ready.


You'll recognise many community generated ideas in our plans, this is by design: brunks is a community-led project and we're here to build with you all.


A reminder of what's been ruled out and why: 

❌  Shit-coin & ponzinomics: we're not planning to drop a useless over-hyped coin that has 'theoretical' future utility. Far later down the road, we may relook at launching some sort of token (as BAYC have done) but the time isn't now. 

❌  PVE game: we're not looking to create another generic "#gametheory" project. No shade but we're not interested in riding this current trend, and our community agrees that these projects don't tend to attract long term holders. 

Now onto what we DO have in store, broken down into 3 pillars, based on the best ideas from the community and leveraging our team's strongest skills & networks:

🤝  Community & Branding


We will triple-down on building in immediate value for our community members, our goal is to make this the most vibrant, inclusive, fun and beneficial community in web3. 

1/- Community based events: regular townhalls & AMAs, giveaways, WL access to other projects, charitable donations (community voting on the causes), game nights, movie nights, learning sessions. We will also be inviting subject matter expert community members (e.g. world class artists, devs, biz leaders, athletes) to hold closed-room firesides, only available to brunk holders.

2/- Partnerships: we'll establish partnerships with other builders and brands we vibe with, looking for areas of shared interests and punching our collabs that benefit our community. In time, we'll be open to the * right * 'corpo' partnerships. 

3/- Bladerunner apparel: none of this off-the-shelf / print-on-demand t-shirt crapola, we'll be working with specialised designers to produce bladerunning gear with a 2049 vibe. Our first collections will only be available to our holders. 

All of this is to say, we believe we can build the brunks brand in 2022 & beyond. Not only does this drive up the value of our core NFT collection, but has secondary effects in terms of upleveling the options you have & revenue you can make from your CC0 rights.


🎨  Art, Lore, Metaverse integrations


We know you love the brunks art. So do we. And so we'll be creating moar. MOAR. This is the most creative / outlandish part of our roadmap and where we have most ideas. Prioritisation and building for the community are key, here's some of our thinking:

1/- Art: The market loves brunks. We don't want to drop any further pfps and dilute the significance & value of what you already hold. So our next collection is not strictly a pfp collection, but something to work alongside your pfp. 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100. We've basically FLIPPED OURSELVES 180 degrees front to back, You get to see what's going on behind your Brunk and there's a lot more going on than you might expect.


The BRUNK BACKS collection starts minting on 19 March 2022. More info HERE and in our Discord.

2/- Lore: We think it'd be interesting to build fun functionality around our lore, so brunks who hold humans, androids, apes, zombies, aliens, replicants can experience / interact with one another based on the lore of our ecosystem. In future AMA's we'll share some of our wild ideas around this. 

3/- Metaverse: Using your brunk in other online game worlds and systems. 

🛠️  Tech & Utility


Bringing in our experience from the world of tech startups, we will build out SaaS (software-as-a-service) tools for the web3 community. Here are the ideas we're most excited about:

1/- Royalty-free web3 talent marketplace: it's clear to us how incredibly talented our community is - artists, designers, developers, strategists, marketers, community managers, partnership managers, etc. We're building a marketplace for brunk holders to showcase their skills and be contacted by other web3 projects looking for vetted skills. Think of us as the first web3 x nft project talent agency.

↳ To be listed in our marketplace, you must be a brunk holder.
↳ Future: 'bounties' - offer a % commission to other brunks that find you gigs.
↳ Future: open-sourcing or charging other communities to use the marketplace for their members.

Imagine helping other brunks launch their web3 career!

2/- Bladerunner bots: putting the androids to work! We believe there is an incredible opportunity in building monetisable discord bots (did you know mee6 runs in 16million servers?). There are 3 specific ideas we're very excited about, based on where we know server owners and members/buyers have blindspots alike. These ideas solve for problems including: a) assessing community quality & vibe in real time, b) assessing engagement levels & fomo, to for example, pre-determine whether a project is likely to mint out at a given price point, and c) combating scams to protect the NFT community across thousands of servers. 

3/- Shopify (or equivalent) tooling: with Shopify and other large bluechip tech companies shortly rolling out their own NFT marketplaces (, we believe there is an early opportunity in building tooling to serve merchants (web3 / NFT projects) on these platforms (did you know that 87% of Shopify merchants use their app store w/ >$100m revenue generated by app store tools?). 

What's in it for the brunk community? % of revenue from monetised SaaS products will be airdropped to our community, and our community members will receive free access to use the tools themselves. Alternatively, we could make all of our products completely free to use, to encourage their adoption across as many communities as possible. Free branded products = organic marketing for brunks. Let's discuss. 

Note: We're very open to staking of some sort in the future - subject to details & adequate interest from the community.

What happens next?


We'll be hosting an AMA periodically to discuss and finalise these plans with you. There's A LOT here, and we'll be building over the long term: through 2022 and beyond. 

A more detailed plan & graphical summary will be shared soon. 

We're very excited to build the future with you, and make 2049 feel like 2069.

- Brunks team

Roadmap FAQ

? Why did you launch the roadmap after mint?

↳ We believe it is important for web3 projects to build their roadmaps * with * and * for * their communities. Too many roadmaps are published on a 'take it or leave it' basis, leading to poor product-market fit between the project and their users long term. Launching our roadmap ~1 week after mint has allowed us to consult our community on what you'd like to see and what you'd find valuable.


? Isn't it risky to build a non-standard roadmap?

↳ It's riskier not to! Like our community, the brunks team have always carved out our own path in life, and believe in the importance of differentiation. Why do what everyone else is doing when we have the means to seize untapped opportunities? We're excited about delivering things for our community that other projects won't or can't. Will you be expanding the team? ↳ Yes, in the weeks/months ahead we will be recruiting technical talent as and when the roadmap requires. We will not be outsourcing any work to shadowy third parties, and anyone who collaborates with us will work with our team directly.


? What's the timeline / ETA on each of the parts of the roadmap?

↳ A number of the items in our v1 roadmap are already being worked on. Our brand new collection BRUNK BACKS will launch on 19 March 2022. Teasers and announcements shall follow in the coming days. Larger items in the roadmap are likely to take months rather than weeks. Expect us to default to over-communication and keeping you in the loop as to how timelines shape up.


? What's the 'lean startup' methodology?

↳ The lean startup / MVP build methodology means we will be releasing parts of our roadmap as a minimum viable product, so we can get them into your hands faster, receive feedback, and then iterate / improve for the next releases. This is common practice in most of the world's best tech startups and * does * mean that the first version of our builds will probably be rough around the edges.


? Is it possible to still get "idea X" included in the roadmap?

↳ Yes! We know the community has many incredible ideas we haven't been able to include in our v1. We will be adding more ideas and deliverables in future versions of the roadmap.


? What does the roadmap mean for my CC0 rights?

↳ Good things. Your CC0 rights are intact and we believe that fulfilment of our roadmap increases the value of your brunk, and the value of however you choose to use it for your own projects or work.

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